We have been working as bartenders for many years, and we also wanted to do business in this area. At that time, the format of mini coffee shops came to Hood River only in small tidy steps, and we decided to speed it up a little.

People often took coffee with them in large stationary coffee houses – so why not open a small one, saving on staff and kitchen, but with excellent coffee equipment and one but professional barista?

The idea was born in spring 2012, we started looking for a place, developed a name in parallel and ordered a brandbook.

We did not want to use only the word “coffee” in the name, we did not want to make it generalized. As a result, we came up with “Hood River Offee”, and, by the way, several of our customers said that they chose us also because the name with the name of the city – for someone it is important.

By August of the same year everything was ready, we found a place and on the 20th day, on Monday, our first coffee house opened. Of course, so far without a barista, at the counter were standing by themselves.

On the first day we sold 30 glasses, now it is funny to remember, but it was a success. The guests were not intimidated by the format, they were interested.

They really fit just to buy coffee and go on with their business. Now this is no surprise to anyone, and in 2012 “to drink coffee” meant that you would have to drink it from a glass mug in some big coffee shop.

In 2015 we had an important event – the introduction of the first espresso blend “Hood River”, which took a long time, but eventually achieved that our coffee likes the absolute majority of guests.

In early 2018, there was a large-scale rebranding of the network and “Hood River” finally found its current identic.

Sales statistics now shows that every day more than 1000 people choose our coffee, and every month our partners open 3-5 new coffee shops.