Espresso, gently mixed with thick milk foam.
If desired, sprinkle with spices and add the syrup.
Cup for 180 ml – $ 3.

Cappuccino creme

Cappuccino, for which fat-free cream is whipped into the foam instead of milk.
Spices to taste
Cup for 180 ml – 3.4 $.


Large portion of cappuccino with double espresso and milk.
Sprinkles and additives at your discretion
Very large cup (300 ml) – 4$.


Reference portion: 8 grams of ground coffee for 35 milliliters of water
Small cup (35 ml) – 2$.

Double espresso

Twice as much espresso
Cup for 70 ml – 3$.


There is nowhere stronger. Coffee norm espresso in 20 milliliters of water
Very small cup (20 ml) – 2$.


Like, completely liquid coffee. Espresso norm in 150 milliliters of water
Large cup (150 ml) – 2.5$.


Coffee gentle fortress. Norm of espresso in 70 milliliters of water
Cup for 70 ml – 1.5$.

Double lungo

Twice as much lungo (140 ml) – 2.5$.


A portion of espresso as a whole glass of warm milk, spices – on request
Cup (240 ml) – 4$.

Dolce latte

Latte with sweet syrup to choose from. There are caramel, vanilla, coconut,
nut, chocolate and irish-krims. Do not forget to remind what to sprinkle
Cup (240 ml) – 4.2$.

Coffee raff

Hot espresso whipped in foam with cream and cane sugar
Another very large cup (280 ml) is 4.1$.

Coffee with chocolate and nut syrup

and whipped milk
220 ml – 4.5$.

Coffee with grapefruit juice and chestnut honey

170 ml – 4.5$.

Coffee with melted milk and vanilla sugar


Coffee with orange juice, caramel syrup and ice

Cup for 175 ml – $ 4.


Espresso with vanilla or chocolate ice cream
Cup for 75 ml – 3.7$.

Cold latte

Cup for 220 ml – 3.7$.

Cold coffee with milk and ice

Cup for 200 ml – 2$.

Coffee with condensed milk and ice

Cup for 120 ml – 3$.


Lungo, caramel syrup and ice whipped in shaker
Cup for 150 ml – 3.2$.