We have been working as bartenders for many years, and we also wanted to do business in this area. At that time, the format of mini coffee shops came to Hood River only in small tidy steps, and we decided to speed it up a little. People often took coffee



Espresso, gently mixed with thick milk foam.
If desired, sprinkle with spices and add the syrup.
Cup for 180 ml – $ 3.

Cappuccino creme

Cappuccino, for which fat-free cream is whipped into the foam instead of milk.
Spices to taste
Cup for 180 ml – 3.4 $.


Large portion of cappuccino with double espresso and milk.
Sprinkles and additives at your discretion
Very large cup (300 ml) – 4$.


Reference portion: 8 grams of ground coffee for 35 milliliters of water
Small cup (35 ml) – 2$.

Double espresso

Twice as much espresso
Cup for 70 ml – 3$.


There is nowhere stronger. Coffee norm espresso in 20 milliliters of water
Very small cup (20 ml) – 2$.


Like, completely liquid coffee. Espresso norm in 150 milliliters of water
Large cup (150 ml) – 2.5$.


Coffee gentle fortress. Norm of espresso in 70 milliliters of water
Cup for 70 ml – 1.5$.

Double lungo

Twice as much lungo (140 ml) – 2.5$.


A portion of espresso as a whole glass of warm milk, spices – on request
Cup (240 ml) – 4$.

Dolce latte

Latte with sweet syrup to choose from. There are caramel, vanilla, coconut,
nut, chocolate and irish-krims. Do not forget to remind what to sprinkle
Cup (240 ml) – 4.2$.

Coffee raff

Hot espresso whipped in foam with cream and cane sugar
Another very large cup (280 ml) is 4.1$.

Coffee with chocolate and nut syrup

and whipped milk
220 ml – 4.5$.

Coffee with grapefruit juice and chestnut honey

170 ml – 4.5$.

Coffee with melted milk and vanilla sugar


Coffee with orange juice, caramel syrup and ice

Cup for 175 ml – $ 4.


Espresso with vanilla or chocolate ice cream
Cup for 75 ml – 3.7$.

Cold latte

Cup for 220 ml – 3.7$.

Cold coffee with milk and ice

Cup for 200 ml – 2$.

Coffee with condensed milk and ice

Cup for 120 ml – 3$.


Lungo, caramel syrup and ice whipped in shaker
Cup for 150 ml – 3.2$.


Takeaway coffee – for us it is not just coffee in a cup. All our orders are made at the request of our regular customers.

If you do not know how to please someone from your family – come to us and we will help you.

Coffeehouse on the river

Coffeehouse on the river

Our cafe is a paradise for those who love to relax with the soul. We will give unforgettable moments of holiday and will do everything to make our guests feel comfortable.

With us you can enjoy delicious dishes of American and European cuisine, taste coffee drinks, have a great time outdoors in the gazebo or under the crackling fireplace in our coffee shop.

Open daily:

Mon-Fri:7:00 – 22:00

Sat-Sun: 8:00 – 23:00